Steffen Plunder


I’m a PhD candidate in Sara Merino-Aceituno’s research group at the University of Vienna.

This page is mainly about my research in mathematics and science.

Currently, I am working on a model for the epithelial-mesenchyme transition in pseudo-straitified tissue. In layman terms: a model which describes how epithelial cells (i.e. cells which from “skins inside our body”) behave. One cool feature of these cells is, that they can change to mesenchyme cells, which have more freedom and tend to cluster somewhere else to create new organs, for example parts of our brain! This is one way how organs are developed and hence a topic of developmental biology. However, I only try to provide simple math models which capture the essentials of the ongoing biology.

Together with Prof. Bernd Simeon, I am also investigating the coupling of kinetic systems with classical mechanical systems.